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Many camels were then simply turned loose to roam the outback, where I was to find they can present problems for travellers.Camels are still trained in Alice Springs for tourist jaunts and for occasional sale to Australia’s zoos.Some string somewhere inside me is starting to unravel.It is an important string, the one that holds down panic.Be calm, lie down and fall asleep.’ The third voice is screaming. Slowly, as we get under way, the strings inside me knit together and I know who I am again.

The naughty noughties has every thing you can imagine with movies including student house an...Australia’s arid western region, from the town of Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean coast, is a beautiful, haunting, but largely empty land. Beyond the roads, in the area known as the outback, camels are the perfect form of transport.Dominated by the harsh, almost uninhabited Great Sandy and Gibson deserts, the region is known only to Australian Aborigines, a handful of white settlers, and the few travellers who motor across it. One sees little by car, and horses would never survive the hardships of desert crossings.At the age of 25, I gave up my study of Japanese language and culture at university in Brisbane and moved to the town of Alice Springs.I planned an expedition alone from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean, a distance of some 1,700 miles.

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