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You can see the video of that presentation below, or read the transcript and see the slides on Real Time Weekly.In this post however, I want to talk a little more about the code behind such an application.I’ve written recently about the potential of combining Web RTC and bots together into one application.In June, David Alfaro and I made a presentation at Web RTC Argentina which showed some simple examples of how you might combine a bot and live human support for telemedicine applications.They have quickstarts for other languages, and of course you are not limited to using Twilio for text chat.

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To see how complicated an architecture for Bots and Web RTC could be, take a look at this diagram from our presentation at Web RTC Argentina.

I chose to use Twilio IP Messaging here just to be consistent with the Twilio Video integration in step 3.

Twilio IP Botkit Example Repo: with this example above, you can see how to combine Twilio IP Messaging and Botkit together.

Botkit has given us a Bot Controller API that basically just listens to the chat room for keywords, using a method calls “hears”: This allows you to do some pattern matching to look for key phrases from the human, such as “when is my appointment? It’s an imperfect solution, because you have to guess the keywords that humans will use for queries you want the bot to answer, but it’s a starting point at least and is certainly simpler to begin with than a full natural language and AI solution.

Twilio Video Example Repo: https:// Once you’ve confirmed that the Botkit responses are working in your chat room, you can look at triggering a video call.

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